5th - 15th August 2019

Our exciting 11-day, 10-night programme is tailor-made for 9 - 16 year-olds of all ability levels to develop their proficiency in the English language. The three programmes, Beginners, Developing and Mastering are complemented by a series of ICT, sports, arts, cultural and social activities.

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English Language Programme of Study亚博体育靠谱吗


Students are taught essential English Language skills with particular emphasis on speaking and listening both inside and outside the classroom. Lessons promote speaking, reading, listening (and writing skills for those students at higher levels) to increase language fluency but also the opportunity to improve language accuracy and focus on new vocabulary.

Lessons aim to increase the students’ confidence in communicating in English through engaging and age-appropriate topics and activities. All language is presented in context to show and practice how English is used in the real world and not just the lesson.
Assessing your English Level
On arrival all students sit an online exam to identify their correct level in the Nexus International School Syllabus. Based on continuous assessment throughout their stay all students receive a Nexus Report Card and Certificate of Attendance at the end of their course. We have developed our own academic materials, continuously updating what we use to ensure it suits the needs of our students.

The curriculum programme is designed to teach English using a thematic and topical approach which encompasses the natural and cultural experiences that Malaysia has to offer. Students are always busy and more importantly always having fun because of the packed programme where learning has clear links to the afternoon activities, providing learners the opportunity to use their learning in practical situations, reinforcing the new learning.
The Curriculum Design
The syllabus is complemented by culture themed lessons, focusing on different aspects of  life, including music, sport, literature and history. There are  opportunities for students to find out more about their host culture and compare their cultural experiences with their own home country.

We create opportunities for collaboration, promoting the Nexus ethos to practise life skills alongside their English.
Learning Expectations and Outcomes
We provide English tuition at  three levels and work on a programme of study which will allow them to advance their English in the following ways:
Beginning Developing Mastering
Typical Student Profile on entrance -
The learner typically has little to no English. May have a knowledge bank of common Nouns but can not independently create spoken sentences.  

Shows a little understanding of spoken English.  Learners will usually answer questions with one word answers.

Outcome Expectations -
Learners will build up confidence to put common sentences together, learning how to be more confident using spoken English in their daily routine.

On entrance
they might:
- point at a banana and say “Banana”

On exit of the English Programme they will have the knowledge to say:
“Can I have a banana please”
Typical Student Profile on entrance -
The learner will have a good knowledge bank of common Nouns and have some confidence to link some words in sentences but also relies on gestures to understand instructions fully.

Learners will answer questions using 2 or 3  words. The learner will have knowledge of grammar and tenses but use it correctly infrequently.

Outcome Expectations -
Learners start to put common and subject specific sentences together, responding to the answer they receive in English and requesting further information.

On entrance:

Question: Have collected your bag?
Response: Yes, (I) have (pointing to it)

On Exit:
Question: Have you collected your bag?
Response: Yes I have, do I need my hat?
Typical Student Profile on entrance -
Learners have an excellent knowledge of common Nouns, verbs and adjectives and can put sentences together in spoken English but may make grammatical errors with tenses and plurals, yet know the corrections upon reflection.

They will be able to give short  but descriptive narratives about experiences they have had.

Outcome Expectations:
The learner will use verbs and tenses correctly and be able to choose between similar verbs according to the reference. Most Nouns will be spelt correctly and they will vary there sentences starters and connectives. Narratives will be extended with more detail using simple adverbs to make speech and writing more interesting.

On entrance:

Question: How did you get here today and where did you come from?
Response - I come in the car. Mont Kiara

On Exit:
Question: How did you get here today and where did you come from?
Response: I travelled by car from Mont Kiara…….. and then be able to give a short narrative about their journey
Nexus Summer Camp 2019 Activity Programme

Activities and Excursions
At Nexus Summer Camp 2019, students not only improve their English language skills in class but also as part of the activity and excursion programme.

Whether it’s a full day excursion or a dance class, there are many opportunities and will be promoted to speak English with other students!
Outline of our Learning and Activity Programme 

We reserve the rights to change modify the schedule without prior notice. 

Sports Rotation will be Cycling / Kayaking / Basketball / Badminton / Climbing / Football / Tennis / Swimming
Residential Accommodation
We offer the finest accommodation for our boarders at the Summer Camp. 

A typical room in Nexus boarding

Core Values

Our Core Values
  • We believe in providing a safe, natural, happy, secure environment where kids have fun whilst learning.
  • We believe in interactive experiences promoting confidence enquiry independence both in and beyond the classroom. 
  • We believe in providing a structured program for children that emphasises a feeling of family, friendship and belonging and encourages active participation in a variety of new and challenging experiences.
  • We believe hiring and training a mature, caring, fun loving staff is the key element in helping us achieve this goal each summer.
  • We believe summer school should be a positive learning and growing experience for everyone  involved.

Teaching and Learning Philosophy

Making Learning English fun and exciting and relevant to the lives of our learners
English Lessons

English is the language of International Communication and many students meet English everywhere in their daily lives.  At Nexus Summer Camp 2019 students live, study and play in an English speaking environment.

The programme includes structured English lessons, varied activities and fantastic excursions. Activities and excursions are planned to encourage learners to take on new challenges.

The programme offers challenging activities such as camping and climbing;  designed to build confidence whilst ensuring that learning English occurs naturally alongside.

Nexus Summer Camp 2019 Programme

Our Nexus Summer Camp 2019 programme packs in as much as possible.  Expect a daily itinerary that's crammed with outdoor adventures and indoor sports, arts, crafts and cultural experiences.

The programme gives teenagers a great opportunity to make new friends whilst immersing themselves in the English language.


As an International School we understand how important it is to provide stimulating and engaging lessons for learners of all levels. 

Nexus Summer Camp 2019 provides an exciting opportunity for students to practice and improve their English skills in a fun, safe and exciting boarding school environment.

Application and Costs

Breakdown of Fees
The comprehensive 11 days / 10 night Nexus Summer Camp 2019 is brought to you for just RM4,900.

Fees include:
●      Supervised accommodation in dormitories on our campus
●      Welcome / Induction Pack
●      Access to the latest technology tools
●      Full board - 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks at set times)
●      Teaching materials including a student folder
●      Certificate of attendance and report card
●      Bed linen
●      Personal laundry once during the stay
●      1 Full Day excursion per week including entrance fees
●      Several ½ Day Excursions including entrance fees
●      Full programme of social, cultural and sporting activities in the afternoons
●      Evening English Social Language Activities
●      Airport transfers from / to KLIA Airport (unless outside arrival intervals)
●      Supervision, from arrival to departure
●      Access to an online Blog to share learning experiences.

Not included in the fees:
●      Travel Costs
●      Visa Costs
●      Damage deposit of 50 USD (payable on arrival; refundable at the end of stay)
●      Personal spending money (eg. for souvenirs, etc. We advise 200RM maximum)
●      Health / Medical Insurance
●      Travel Chaperone

There are limited places available so contact us for more information to reserve your place at Nexus Summer Camp 2019.

For more information or to schedule a free consultation, contact 03-8889 3868 or email admissions@nexus.edu.my.
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